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POINTR 2.0 is Here!

Mai 7, 2021 | Neuigkeiten

The POINTR release 2.0 introduces some of the most advanced new collaboration features and a completely new level of localization!

This spring POINTR takes a big leap forward releasing POINTR 2.0. This big release introduces new features, a completely new level of localization and plenty of improvement in the background to improve the collaboration experience now and in the future.

New features include localised voice commands for HMT-1, new Field Notes management with Notebooks and most importantly Offline use! The Offline Mode feature allows you to have POINTR sessions without starting a call. This feature is great in places where there’s no connectivity or when you need the POINTR notes just for yourself.

Also, languages for the POINTR interface increase from two to thirteen. This makes POINTR collaboration easier across languages.

The new release is especially good news for multi-national POINTR users and users who prefer to use software with their native language other than English. Now the user can choose the POINTR user interface language from 13 languages. The language options also apply to the RealWear smart glasses voice commands. The new level of POINTR localisation will make it easier to collaborate world-wide and lowers the threshold to start using POINTR anywhere on earth.

Other great new features in the spring 2021 release are POINTR offline use and the Notebook feature to manage Field Notes.

POINTR Offline Mode makes it easier to work with POINTR in environments with limited internet access like cargo ships. The Offline Mode allows POINTR use without having to start a call: stamping markers and text in the view, taking notes, etc.

POINTR Offline Mode also makes it easy to create training materials like facility introductions, safety instructions and equipment tutorials. Because all the POINTR call features are available also in the Offline Mode, you can save views with notes on them, use old notes with annotations on them, record parts of your offline session and then just add what was saved into the training materials.

The Notebook feature makes it easy to manage the Field Notes. Instead of having all the notes in one long list, now you can organise your Field Notes into several lists called “Notebooks”. Notebooks make it easy to manage notes related to different projects, customer cases or commissioning phases. With the Field Notes Notebooks feature also the note capture capacity increases tenfold.

To get the newest POINTR release, update your POINTR from the appstore of your device or download the new release fitting for your system from our downloads page.

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